Today I stayed off my phone for the most part. I kept myself busy cleaning and watching shows on Hulu. I have decided that I will start working out every morning and get myself physically and mentally healthy. I want to finally feel happy and confident with who I am and what I am working toward. I think that when I live my life without any obtainable goals, I feel as though I am not living for a purpose. I feel like I am wasting my life or useless, especially when the depression hits hard. On that note I have decided that I want to work toward applying to the police academy. This is a relatively new goal that I have set my sights on. If I can push myself to meet the physical requirements, I can easily obtain this goal. Other than being in shape I must have a valid license and a vehicle to get to the academy every day. Which means I need to work toward getting a vehicle. These are things that I can obtain if I just allow myself to ask for help when needed, step back when I am overwhelmed, and push myself through the tough times. My therapist says I need to end each day by reflecting on one good thing that has happened today. The thing that I can say that was good today was I was able to be alone all day and not feel so empty and sad. I was actually content, and I also got to reflect on everything I mentioned above.